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I completed the beans in Cairo to follow again for 10 years. And I believe that energetic / traveling in Cairo is an inspiring experience even for Egyptians! Yet I undertake it is absolutely worth it. Cairo is more than ancient and historical sites and museums. It presents the experience of valid Egypt. Adventure seekers will never be disappointed considering Cairo backpacking. Because even unspecified activities can be challenging and sometimes stressful. Like transportation, for example, Cairo is known as crowded and sometimes disordered. Not even a cake wander to see your own historical attractions. So, here is the Backpacking Cairo Guide. So that you can name you will this unmodified battle city and enjoy this unique experience.

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What is the difference in the midst of Cairo and Greater Cairo

First of all, you have to yield to the difference together plus Cairo and Greater Cairo. Cairo is the Egyptian capital and dwelling to 9 million inhabitants. Greater Cairo is home to 21 million people, including the governors of Cairo, Giza, and Qualia. These 3 governorates are linked and related in exchange for ways to the internal transport system. Operates public buses, underground metros, and taxis amid the 3 governors such as internal transport. So, what obtains us - the Egyptians - associated with Cairo reference can performance Giza outdoor of Cairo? Like the Giza Pyramids Complex: It is located in Giza but is part of Greater Cairo. So, going from downtown Cairo to Giza is subsequently moving from one neighborhood to substitute.


A brief chronicles back backpacking Cairo

Finding the records of Cairo is irresistible. Because it dates put occurring to the era of the ancient Egyptians. The first known city vis—vis Greater Cairo was Memphis. Memphis muggy Gima. It was the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom. And its significance extends throughout ancient Egyptian records. Eventually, the go-getter of Memphis diminished bearing in mind the Rise of Thebes - Luxor - and the New Kingdom.


It was built by Amr Ibn El as Al Fustat after the Muslim conquest in 4040 AD. Al-Fustat was built north of the Babylonian fortress. It was the first Islamic capital of Egypt. After the Fatimid conquest in 969 AD, the Fatimid’s built Fust at in the northeast of Al-Mandarin. Fatimid’s furthermore built Al-Azhar which is the third oldest academy in the world. They made their city a cultural and scholarly center. Four years in the set against along, Al-Mu’zil deen gave Cairo its current publicize Al-Cairo, which means The Victoria. Since in addition, Cairo has become the long-lasting capital of Egypt. Cairo was expanded to append the fortresses of Al-Fustat and Babylon, and together they built what is now known as “Old Cairo”.

In 117676, Salah al-Din al-Ayubi ordered the construction of the Cairo Citydale. Since subsequently, the Islamic medieval fortress - pseudonym Salah al-Din Citadel - has been the middle of Egyptian find for more than 70,000 years. It has been confirmed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a portion of historic Cairo.


Weather in Cairo

The climate in Cairo is a hot desert climate. It is in fact hot in summer, especially at noon. The warmest months are July, August, and September. Temperatures can occasionally exceed 40 degrees Celsius due to the scorching sun. However, there may be some winter nights in winter. In winter, Cairo does not profit much rain for just a few days. Winter begins in mid-December to late February. In winter, the average temperature is 10 C. However, even in winter, most days are sunny. So, always bring well-ventilated cotton clothing though you have a Cairo backpack in adviser to your stuffy clothing in winter.


Backpacking is the best era for Cairo

Most travelers prefer to travel to Cairo from March to May or from October to November. This is the best period to visit Cairo. Many people realize not mind backpacking Cairo in winter as the winter weather is ample. Mind Avoid summer from June to late September due to unbearable heat and scorching sun.

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