How to Reduce Ping for Online Gaming

Ping is a major problem for Streamers and Online gamers. Basically, it depends on many factors. I saw many gamers search on google on How to decrease Ping. There are multiple reasons for motherboard to slow down the internet connectivity. And, the slow network causes ping problems, so first of all choose a good motherboard. Rather than this, to solve the problem, we need to check why it’s occurring and below there are some methods to solve it.


What is Ping?

Ping is a sign solicitation that is sent to a host. Ping works with two targets-Firstly it is sent to check if the host is accessible. Besides, it gauges to what extent it takes the host to the reaction.



In the most order line interfaces, A standard order is, a ping demand is performed by ping order. After the order, the time it takes to arrive at the host and an opportunity to get the reaction is consolidated, and it is your ping time. The additional time it takes the more ping increments.


In General, less than 30 ping is best for gamers but you can play well till 60. We can say 60 ping is a standard ping, but more than 60 will affect gaming.


Ping also affects your reaction time. If you are playing with 60 Ping and your opponent is playing with 30 Ping, then your opponent will see you first, he can react before you and you will be killed.


So, it is necessary to have a decent ping.

What is FPS?

FPS Stands for Frame every Second. It’s likewise called the Frame rate. Each second what number of successive full-screen is demonstrated is estimated by the Frame rate. Our eyes are a casing pace of 12 FPS, and it implies it outperformed the edges will show up less isolates and will begin to obscure together. Under 30 FPS consistently considers low FPS. Be that as it may, with 30 or 60 FPS, you will get even constant movement, and it will be extraordinarily smooth. FPS is fundamental for gaming as it is utilized to gauge the casing pace of computer games.



How can we Decrease Ping?

· Take a real IP if you are playing with shared IP.

· Check if any software is using the internet in the background.

· Scan for Virus which can also slow your Internet.

· Reset DNS of windows or Mac.

· Update your Windows or Mac to the latest version.


Are you a mobile gamer and facing a High Ping problem?

There are lots of battle royale games in Mobile. Pubg, Free fire, and Call Of duty are the most famous battle royale games.



High Ping also affects mobile gaming. So let’s check how to solve it.


You can Use real IP as I mentioned before. After using real Ip, If you still face a high Ping problem, then it is maybe because there is no server for your region. You can solve the problem by using a VPN.


Use a game tool which will disable all background apps and make sure that no one can disturb you while playing.

Make sure there are fewer people connected to your network.

I hope it will solve your problem. Cheers.✌️

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