The best car insurance for Subaru models

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Subaru Car Insurance

Evios Insurance is one of the best insurers for performance and sports cars in the USA. With the quality experience of providing low-cost insurance for our customers, we can often provide cover if other insurance companies simply cannot compete.


As a performance car insurance specialist, we provide covers for many Japanese sports cars. So, with any of the latest Forrester SUV models from the iconic Impreza Rally car to your Subaru, you can be sure that Evios Insurance will work hard to find the best insurance cover for your needs.

Evios Insurance has been providing specialist motor insurance for over 30 years. At some stage in this time, we’ve constructed many unique relationships with main coverage underwriters in the USA and created several unique motor coverage tasks. These allow us to offer cheaper policies - often for vehicles that are not insured by other insurance companies!


It should always be remembered that most insurance providers do not consider young drivers to be safe individuals and so it is good to know some ways that can help you reduce your insurance coverage rates. lists a few ways that you can reduce your vehicle safety rates and help you find the best one.

Is Subarus cheap to insure?

Insurance costs depend on what you want to insure on the Subaru model. Family models will have a lower premium than performance models - for example, an Impreza will probably cost more than an Outback.


As always, other determining factors should also be considered, such as your driving history and age. Furthermore, due to its original roots, Subaru is popular with performance car enthusiasts and models such as Legacy, Impreza and BRZ are often modified. This means many mainstream insurers will either increase their premiums or even deny the cover altogether.

However, expert Subaru car Insurance brokers like Keith Michaels work specifically to provide drivers with performance, modified and jap imported cars, and have specific insurance plans to assist. This means you are likely to get much better insurance deals with brokers than mainstream insurers.



This summary is designed to assist you as a guide only. Please see the policy wording of the insurer for details about the policy cover, terms, and conditions.


Foreign use

You don’t have to pay for our foreign use cover to drive abroad, talk to a member of staff to learn more about the different covers we offer.


Windscreen cover

Many of our broader policies, subject to underwriting criteria, include windscreen covers. If it is not included automatically, we provide a windscreen cover for a small, extra cost.


USA call center

Our call center is staffed by knowledgeable operators who are highly trained to assist you with your insurance. Open 7 days a week, Get admission to our regulations is to be had 7 days a week, such as bank vacations.


Extensive policy coverage

We have a great relationship with many insurers, which allows us access to hundreds of insurance plans. This allows us to source the most appropriate policy to suit your needs at the best available price.


Competitive premium

Our clients have a variety of insurance schemes and offer and always strive to find the most competitive pricing policy. Whenever you request a quote we search the insurance market, which finds a policy for us that is relevant and valuable for money.


Why choose us?

If you are a driver, there are five obvious reasons to choose Evios Insurance for your car cover:

1. We are an award-winning independent broker with a history of 30 years and a loyal dedicated team based in our office in Essex. With over a hundred staff members, we are big enough to count but small enough to care for.


2. Since we are independent, we search the car insurance market to get you the best motor policy from third party policy to fully comprehensive cover. Whenever you ask for a new or renewed quote, search a panel of the top 100 USA underwriters to make sure you get the best, minute, market rate, and best, cheapest cover.

3. If you need to make a claim, because we are completely independent, we are working against you, not against you, to settle everything and make sure your claim has been paid. Whether you need a rental car or a new windscreen, our claim service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


4. People who work at Evios Insurance are insurance professional enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge or the unusual insurance scandal - we don’t hire call center sales staff who are only interested in the next sales.

5. We are open 7 days a week and our free online quote engine for USA car insurance is the best, fastest, and most advanced we know (and we’ve done a lot of checking!).


So, whatever your drive and whatever your own vehicle you can trust for the best cheap car insurance.

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